This is *REAL* folks, you can earn $500 per day with 1 simple step...

Dear Entreprenuer:

To be completely honest with you... YES this business is for real... you're probably thinking... "Yeah, yeah... you only say that because you want my money"... NO!

Well Yes, I would be very happy to take your money so you can get started... but that's not why I say that this is for real. 

I *KNOW* this is for real because it has worked for me! Within 48 hours I had made my first training sale... and within my first two weeks I made my first Qualified sale, so in just 14 days I made my investment back... and let me tell you folks, I'm no marketing genious either... in two weeks I only drove about 300 people to the 1 Step System website and made 3 sales as a result without ever having to talk to anyone. The system really does do all the work for you. 


But that's not why I created this page... I know if you're reading this you've probably opted in to the live teleseminar and most likely were impressed with what you learned like I was... but to make a commitment that requires $597 upfront isn't easy unless you're a trigger happy home business opportunity junky. 

$597 is a lot of money... and you want to make sure that this is for real and that you can succeed with this program before you fork over your hard earned money. Totally understandable, I was in the same frame of mind only a few weeks ago. 

So I've put together a few resources I think will help solidify the validity of this program... see below:

If you missed the call you can listen to the last recorded call here

$500 a day is actually conservative, watch this compensation plan video here

Don't believe people are making sales? Look at this screen shot of the 
Top Ten Sales Leaders for March here

Would you take advice from a 1 Step System associate that generated 45 sales in just 20 days? Let me help you with the math... 45 x $500 = $22,500 in 20 DAYS! How about 125 pages worth of advice? 
Download Stephanie Woolford-Bales 125 page ebook FREE here

Read my daily 1 Step System blog which provides tips, 
advice and updates on my experience with the 1 Step System here

Still not sure? Still not convinced this opportunity is for real... maybe you've still got some questions that you just can't seem to get an answer to... PLEASE don't hesitate to email me or CALL ME DIRECTLY... I'll give you my home phone number... 

Email: visiontree@comcast.net

Home Phone: 603-373-8156 (afternoons are the best time to call - EST)

Seth Traub

P.S. FYI... to eliminate your risk, there is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on your $500 payment.

P.P.S. This is a real, legitimate and proven business opportunity, if you desire a better life for you and your family, DO NOT pass this opportunity off as the same old crappy income ops you normally see... this can really change your life, everything is already done for you and proven to work... what have you got to lose?

P.P.P.S. I am here to answer your questions, I check my email hourly and will respond to your emails personally, usually within 12 hours... I also have made my home phone number available to you if you'd like to speak with me first hand. Folks that is my real phone number and you will get me on the other end, please don't hesitate to contact me via email or phone 24-7... that's what I'm here for.